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Software for ROC-curves (MS-Excel-Tools by ACOMED statistik)

ACOMED statistik is providing statistical services - mainly in the field of diagnostic studies, evaluation of diagnostic tests, ROC analyses and so on. Although commercial statistical software is used in my company usually, it is advantegeous to use MS Excel-tools in some cases, for instance if free layout of the figures is required. Free demo versions with restricted numbers of cases are available (single ROC curve, comparison of two ROC curves).

Providing statistical services is the core subject of ACOMED statistik's business. However, 2 MS Excel software tools for ROC curves have been developed. Beside the advantages in free layout of figures, the ACOMED - tools are more comfortable in terms of group selection and combination, because in commercial software a transformation to the groups 0 and 1 has often to be performed before starting the analyses.

You can purchase the tools in ACOMED's webshop.

ROC tool 1  ROC tool 2

Features of ROC-Tool 1:

  • calculation of a ROC curve

  • comfortable choice of groups

  • free layout of ROC-curve-graphics (as usual in MS excel)

  • NEW: optional labelling of Cut-offs

  • ROC curve with confidence interval (free choice of %CI)

  • calculation of AUC, SE, CI according to Hanley (1982)

  • calculation of sensitivities at given specificities and vice versa

  • input of groups and experimental data

  • A demo version (full version, limited to 40 cases) is free available also in webshop.

Features of ROC-Tool 2:

software for ROC curve, ROC curves
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software for ROC anaylsis
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