Methodenvergleich: Passing-Bablok-Regression Methodenvergleich: Passing-Bablok-Regression



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Methodenvergleich: Passing-Bablok-Regression

You are at: Statistical services for clinical laboratories: method validation - Passing-Bablok regression

Excel-Tool Passing-Bablok-Regression

ACOMED statitik provides an Excel tool for analysis of method comparison experiments with Passing-Bablok regression (trial version, limited to 20 cases).

Download the Excel-tool for method comparison with Passing-Bablok-Regression incl. CUSUM test

A version for analysis of up to 1500 cases including CUSUM test is available
here (ACOMED's Webshop).

Excel tool Passing-Bablok-Regression

ACOMED statitik has also developed SAS code for Passing-Bablok regression. Please send an E-Mail if you are interested in this code.


Reference: Passing H, Bablok W. A new biometrical procedure for testing the equality of measurements from two different analytical methods. Application of linear regression procedures for method comparison studies in clinical chemistry, Part I. J Clin Chem Clin Biochem 1983;21:709-20 (Download)

Method comparison: SAS, Passing-Bablok-Regression
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Method comparison: Passing-Bablok-Regression, SAS
SAS program: Passing-Bablok-Regression Passing-Bablok-Regression: SAS program SAS program: Passing-Bablok-Regression