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ACOMED statistics - service provider for statistical analyses with SAS®

ACOMED statistics provides SAS programming as sub contractor, especially for deriving datasets and for statistical analysis.

The programming of Mock-up-tables (complete TLF filled with place-holders) for the statistical analysis plan belongs toi our services.

Internal SOP are available.

Using SAS, ACOMED statistics can provide analyses performed under regulated conditions (complete traceability, exclusion of any manipulation of data and output).

Please contact us (Tel. ++49 (0) 341 3910195, E-Mail) if you need support in SAS programming.

ACOMED statistics uses additional software for analyses.

  • Statistical Analyses: SAS® 9.4, R

  • Evaluation of Diagnostic Accuracy, Method Validation: internal programs and macros written in SAS® 9.4. Additionally, software Medcalc® and Analyse-It® are used.

  • Sample Size Estimation: NQuery Advisor® 6.0, PASS 2015, Internal tools (especially for joined hypothesis testing as in diagnostic studies)

  • Internal tools:For scientists want to analyse data theirselves, MS-Excel-tools (with costs and free of cost) are available. Click here to enter ACOMED statistik's Webshop

Analyses using these software are conducted according to an internal SOP-system.

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