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Statistical Software provided by ACOMED statistics

ACOMED statistics has developed several software tools. Some of them, e.g. Passing-Bablok-regression, can be downloaded for free (Download: only few english-language versions), some of them can be purchased in a webshop. These tools - all of them are related to ROC analysis - are english-language versions.

All of these tools are realized in MS Excel.

Excel-Tools are connected with advantages. They are easy to use, the graphs can be adapted to your presentation, you can have a look at the formulas, and you can simply print out the sheets due to documentation purposes.

However, programming in MS Excel is connected with disadvantages related to the susceptibility due to errors and the dependency from the kind of installation of MS Excel and its version. In some cases you have to install the Add-Ins.

ACOMED statistics doesn't care any liability due to function, correctness and virus-free state. ACOMED statistics recommends to use the tools only for orientating investigations, but not for main results or results with consequences like f.i. in clinical studies.

ROC curve, ROC curves, DAC method
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