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statistical consulting

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ACOMED statistics - service provider for statistical consulting

ACOMED statistics provides statistical consulting. In fact most projects contain statistical consulting, e.g. in terms by designing experiments, estimate risks or discussing results and drawing conclusions. However, ACOMED statistic's experience, especially in case of statistics related to diagnostic tests has successfully contributed to scientific research as well as management's decision making.

Examples for statistical consulting projects

  • Biometric concepts for study protocols and evaluation plans

  • Select best type of investigation/study in accordance with intended use and clinical application of your product

  • Extract marketing arguments from statistical results

  • Perform risk analysis / risk management regarding medical products, e.g. diagnostic tests

  • Analysis of pathways and processes, e.g. diagnostic decision making

  • Decision making using statistical/mathematical methods

  • Statistical support of quality management process, process control

  • Analysis of literature according to a statistical problem, metaanalysis

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statistical consulting
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