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statistical training

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ACOMED statistics - service provider for statistical training

ACOMED statistics provides statistical training for research and marketing units in life science industry and clinical research. All trainings were very successful, and have been followed by further cooperation.

Aspects of ACOMED statistic's statistical training

  • The training is performed client-related: Each training uses examples related to customer's processes and products.
    In that way, client's projects can be directly supported during the seminar.

  • ACOMED statistic's training doesn't use outstanding statistical and incomprehensible language.
    We are speaking customer's language.

  • ACOMED statistic's training can be provided in German and English language.

  • For small, ACOMED statistic provides webinars, you can book them using this link to statistic's webinar.

Statistical training: Examples / References

BB LIFE-Seminare von BioTOP Berlin-Brandenburg: Workshop: sample size estimation, März und April 2014, Berlin/Potsdam

R-Biopharm AG, Darmstadt: Statistical Analysis of Special Method Validation Experiments, Januar 2014

Dinox GmbH, Berlin: Introduction in statistical Design and Analysis, August 2013

BB LIFE-Seminar von BioTOP Berlin-Brandenburg: Planung und Auswertung diagnostischer Studien, Juni 2013, Potsdam

BB LIFE-Seminare von BioTOP Berlin-Brandenburg: Method Validation according CLSI Guidelines, March 2011, Potsdam

Elitenetzwerk Bayern IDK, Technische Universität München, Lehrstuhl für Biotechnologie: Introduction into statistical methods for Life Sciences, October 2010, Garching

TRM Leipzig, Universität Leipzig: Introduction into statistical methods for Life Sciences, August 2010, Leipzig

BB LIFE-Seminare von BioTOP Berlin-Brandenburg: Consequences of STARD (STAndards for the Reporting of Diagnostic accuracy studies), Mai 2010, Potsdam

Sysmex Academy, SYSMEX EUROPE GmbH: Introduction into statistical methods, Excercises Medcalc®, Mai 2010

Beckmann Coulter Eurocentre: Statistics for method validation. Application of Analyse-It®, Nice, März 2010

BB LIFE-Seminare von BioTOP Berlin-Brandenburg: Evidence based method evaluation of IvD, September 2009, Berlin

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statistical training
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