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Welcome in the online shop of ACOMED statistics providing statistic tools for calculation of ROC curves. You can purchase 2 MS Excel tools related to ROC analysis on this page. Furthermore, you have access to trial versions and free tools.

Declaration: ACOMED statistics doesn't care any liability due to function, correctness and virus-free state. Due to liability reasons ACOMED statistics recommends to use the tools only for orientating investigations and to produce your graphs and figures, but not for main results or results with consequences like f.i. in clinical studies.

Conditions: The tools can be ordered via E-Mail. Please declare your full address.

The tools are sent at the day of your order, or one day later at most. Together with the tools we send the invoice. There are no shipping costs. The prices contain 19% vat taxes.

You are asked to pay per PaypPal®. Payment via banking transfer is also possible.

If you have any questions regarding to the webshop, the conditions or the delivery, don`t hesitate to contact ACOMED statistics. The conditions due to liability, return and revocation are given on Webshop's pages (actually only in german language).

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